Sunday, 18 February 2018

My Travel Plans

I'm aliiiive!

I occasionally like describing myself as a 'travel/lifestyle' blogger, despite the fact that most of my content is lifestyle-orientated, rather than travel. This does not accurately reflect my real life, where I spend far more time thinking about travelling than I do making clothes wish lists or taking pictures of coffees (no judgement here - I do both of those things a lot!). So I thought I'd stick a quick post up about where I've been lately, and where I'm planning to go this year.

In December, I went to Prague with my Mum to see the Christmas markets. We both travelled with Jet2 Citybreaks, and I honestly don't have enough good things to say about them - it was a fab experience from start to finish.

(Both of these pictures I posted on Instagram - @ayemcue)

I don't want to go into too much detail because I am planning on writing a post about it eventually, but I will say we had such a good time, and I highly recommend going to the Christmas markets in December and wandering about and drinking mead and eating chimney cakes. 

In January, my Mum and I went to Rome - because return flights from Dublin were under £60 each, we got a hotel room for three nights for about £150 TOTAL - and frankly at those prices it would be a crime not to go. 

Trevi Fountain - why am I not in Rome right now?

We spent a fab few days wandering about the city - the pluses of going in January cannot possibly be understated. We walked straight into the Vatican museums and right up to the ticket office and there was no queue, and we are possibly the first people in history (who aren't the Pope) that that has happened to. Again, I want to write a separate post on this at some point so I don't want to go into too much detail - but has moved up my 'favourite cities' ranking to possibly the top spot, and I had such a wonderful time.

I have spent pretty much every waking moment since I returned from Italy questioning why I am not in Italy - so onto future travel plans!

In a move that I'm sure will utterly astonish everyone - I have booked flights back to Italy. I'll be flying to Milan in April for a week, because return flights were £34 (yes, THIRTY FOUR POUNDS!) and again, it would be an utter crime not to. I'm not planning on spending any actual time in Milan though, as I've been to the city before and while I quite like it, there's not all that much to do there that I haven't seen (apart from the Last Supper - but I can't get cheapish tickets for that anyway!).

I'm planning instead to head to Cinque Terre for a few days, and then - who knows?! I'm debating Lake Garda, Bologna, or back to Rome - let me know if you have any recommendations! It'll be my first solo trip for a while and I'm so looking forward to it - I love my Mum and my mates but sometimes there's nothing like travelling by yourself.

Before that, however, I've got a night in Dublin with a few friends to see Imagine Dragons at the end of this month, which I'm quite looking forward to. I was also planning to go to Krakow in July for a friend's birthday - but flight prices jumped significantly before I could book them, and I couldn't really justify it. 

They're my only concrete plans for the minute - but I'm keeping an eye on cheap flights from both Belfast and Dublin (Malta, why do you have to be so cheap but have such terrible flight times?!) and low-key trying to talk my Mum into coming to either Morocco or Vienna with me later in the year...

Where are you planning to travel? I'd love to have some more travel inspiration - tell me your plans!

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