Sunday, 8 October 2017

Blogtober Day 7 - Things That Made Me Happy Yesterday

This is going up a day later than it should as I didn't manage to get much done blogwise yesterday (or today for that matter). I had a good - but busy - day yesterday and I thought it might be a nice (and quick) idea for a post to list the things that made me happy, mostly so I could look back on them.

  1. The weather staying clear (ish!)
  2. Spending Friday night in with my family together for the first time in forever
  3. Watching Yes, Minister for the first time (it's very good)
  4. Sleeping in
  5. Discovering I'd lost more weight than I thought in the past few weeks
  6. Reaching a healthy BMI
  7. Cuddling my cat
  8. Going to the shop with my Mum
  9. Baking butterscotch blondies
  10. Spending time with a child my Mum used to teach, who I love to bits
  11. Seeing my cousin for the first time in months
  12. Getting compliments!
  13. Looking better in a dress than I did when I bought it last year
  14. Finally managing to have eyeshadow stay on for longer than fifteen minutes
  15. Having my cat voluntarily sleep on my bed with me in the room
  16. Catching up with friends over predrinks
  17. Going out for drinks with my best friends <3
  18. Drinking delicious new cocktails
  19. Listening to great live music in the bar
  20. Trying a battered mars bar for the first time while drunk (surprisingly good)
Because sometimes you need to be grateful for the little things too.

Obligatory cat picture of Poppy and what is now her shoe

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