Thursday, 5 October 2017

Blogtober Day 5 - Christmas Menu Launch at the Knife & Fork!

In what seems like forever ago (although it's been just over a month), I was lucky enough (thanks to the OhhSocial app!) to attend the launch of the Christmas menu in the Knife & Fork at the Malone Lodge Hotel hotel, on Eglantine Avenue in South Belfast. This was actually the first event I'd been to my myself, but I had a great time - and sampled some great food! I'm a little later than planned posting it, but I think around now is the time people are getting Christmas parties sorted - so you'd best book ASAP!

The hotel and restaurant are super easy to find, handily situated between the Lisburn and Malone roads (also, coincidentally, less than ten minutes walk from my house. Which was very handy when I was rolling home afterwards, happily full of delicious food).

The restaurant had been done up all Christmas-y, and it felt a bit strange going into it in August and hearing Christmas music and seeing a tree set up! Especially as at the time I was in absolute denial that summer was ending, because it felt like we in NI didn't get one at all.

There were even presents underneath the tree!

The restaurant isn't huge, which is nice, but it has a great atmosphere. It felt really cosy, and there was even a fantastic singer crooning some Christmas songs to get us all in the mood.  I went in, grabbed a glass of prosecco and a Santa hat, and sat down to send the obligatory confusing selfie to my friends.

It me
 A really wide range of dishes were available to sample - I think some from the Christmas menu and some from the regular menu, as there was food there that I don't see on the Christmas menu on their website (which, incidentally, you can peruse here).

Pictured here (clockwise from top left) are goat's cheese bonbons with beetroot salad and mayo, wild mushroom and truffle risotto, and sticky beef with mash, a red wine reduction, and parsnip crisps. My favourite of the three was easily the beef - it was so deliciously tender it felt like it was melting in your mouth. The risotto and salad were also gorgeous though, and normally I avoid mushrooms like the plague, so you know it has to have been good.

There was a great range of desserts as well. To the front of the picture are a lemon curd and mixed berry trifle (which I assumed was custard at first glance - it was not, and the lemon was an unexpected surprise!), a hazelnut and chocolate delice, and a banoffee and chocolate shot, which were the three desserts I tried. All, again, were delicious, but my favourite was the the hazelnut and chocolate one, where I only just resisted licking the glass clean. There were also a few mini tarts, like a white chocolate, almond and blueberry one, that looked great, but I didn't think I could manage any more!

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting a restaurant I'd never been to before and I was really impressed from everything from the decor to the food to the atmosphere. They really outdid themselves with this evening and I'm dying to come back at some point soon. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone - it's a great choice for everyone from families to offices looking for a place to hold their Christmas party. Even better, with the OhhSocial app you get a free glass of prosecco with every dinner!

I headed home feeling considerably more Christmas-y, and coming around to the thought that maybe it was alright that summer was ending after all.

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