Wednesday, 4 October 2017

BlogTober Day 4 - The Opening of Café Parisien!

I tend to wander around Belfast city centre during my lunch break as I'm lucky enough to work in the city, which meant that yesterday I could easily call into the new Café Parisien on their opening day! To celebrate, they were giving away free crêpes from 9am to 2pm, and well, I can never resist free food.

I knew I would only get there about twenty or half past one, so I was always aware of the possibility that they'd run out before I made it there, but luckily I ended up being the second-last person let in. There was staff just inside the doors (in really nice uniforms) handing out takeaway crêpe menus to peruse (although there was a choice of three on the day - but hey, who's complaining when they're free?). This menu, guys. I want them all

Please ignore the drooling. You could choose between the first three of the sweet crêpes - so I went for the orange one, with the vague thought that fruit's healthier than nutella, right? 

Well, I don't know if it was healthier, but it was damn delicious. I could have stayed in and sat down to eat it, but there weren't many tables free and I like walking, so I headed on out and ate it dandering about. It was thicker than I would normally expect a crêpe to be, but honestly that just made it yummier. There were delicious little crunchy bits and the orange flavour wasn't too strong. I kind of want another one. Like, right now. And every day. For ever. 
The decor inside is really nice, and the staff are super friendly - I had a brief chat with the waitress who gave me my menu and she was lovely. They were all super well prepared for what must have been an incredibly busy day for them, and I was really impressed with how quickly the queue moved because I wasn't waiting long at all. 

Their menus are available on their website - And I was very intrigued to notice that they do an Afternoon Tea, which is something that always piques my interest (and stomach). So I'll need to check that out sometime.

In the meantime, I'm super happy to have another lunch option available in the city centre (even if it's not the cheapest). Now, if you don't mind, I'm away to have another stare at that menu and daydream about what the Italien tastes like...

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