Monday, 2 October 2017

Blogtober Day 2 - September Favourites

Day 2 of Blogtober, and I thought I'd let people know what I've been enjoying in September!


The Great British Bake-Off is the highlight of my television year. Seriously. I rank it above new episodes of Sherlock. I rank it above TV programmes with my name in the credits (which are obviously the best programmes). I fucking love Bake Off. There are few words to describe how into pastry I get when I'm watching amateurs do make it in a tent on TV. And I'm a big pastry fan anyway (I also make good pastry. Just ask my Dad about my mince pies). So yes, I am very very happy to have it back on my TV. I was a bit worried about it moving to Channel 4 this year, but honestly I think it's just as good as it ever was - Sandi, Noel, and Prue are great, everything else is pretty much the same, and I don't even mind the ad breaks. 

I'm going to stop talking Bake Off now, but believe me when I say I can go for hours on the topic.

Applewood & Amber Candle

This candle is by Vineyard Hill. I picked it up in the Boots after-Christmas sale last year (or very early this year) but it's a dark-Autumn-night sort of smell, so I've waited until now to burn it. I love woody scents, and I kind of hope Boots will have some more of these (or similar ones) for me to pick up in their sales this year.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip in Chocoberry

I'm not normally a make-up person, but I've been to a few things this month where I've thought, 'Shit, I should maybe put something on my face' and I've had this in my bag for pretty much exactly those occasions. It's pretty small and there's not much in it, but it's great because it fits easily in the little bag I keep in my handbag for perfume and lip scrubs and lip balm and nail files, etc, and it's close enough to my lip colour to be subtle.

Primark Cream Jumper Dress

This is not the exact dress I have (I can't take a picture of that one at the moment), but it's similar, except mine doesn't have a belt and does have pockets. I saw it in the shop when I wandered in and couldn't resist trying it on. And then buying it. It's lovely and warm and looks good with boots and black tights. Also, pockets.

Worry Dolls

(Picture shamelessly nicked from their Facebook page) I'd never heard of Worry Dolls until I saw a poster outside the Crescent Arts Centre here in Belfast advertising their show there. I thought from their name and the poster I'd probably like them, so I checked them out on Spotify and, lo and behold, I did really like them. So I went to their show last week and really enjoyed it. You can check out their website and tour dates here

So that's what I've been enjoying last month! I'd love to hear other people's favourites have been too.

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