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My LUSH Essentials

As is not a secret to anyone who’s spent more than about fifteen seconds with me, I’m a bit of a LUSH addict. I haven’t tried everything - I think everyone has things that they know they aren’t interested in - but I’ve tried a fair bit at this stage, so I thought I’d let people know my desert island products.

I am a lazy person. Like, the laziest person in the world. I rarely wear makeup, partially because I don’t like the feel of stuff on my face, and partially because I end up lying in bed that night about to go to sleep and suddenly remembering that I put mascara on that morning and I should really take it off. 

Ultrabland lets me be lazy. Instead of some of their other cleansers which you have to make into a paste and carefully wash off and inspect your face in the mirror to make sure there aren’t any big black streaks on your forehead (I’m looking at you, Dark Angels. And also thinking about the stains you left on my sink),  I can rub Ultrabland into my face in bed and use a face wipe to get rid of it again. No sink necessary. Is this how you’re supposed to use it? Probably not. Does it work for me anyway? Yes it does.

Full of Grace
After I use Ultrabland, I’ll swipe Full of Grace over my face. This is a solid serum, and, truthfully, this is the only serum/moisturiser I regularly use. It’s supposed to reduce scars and stuff like that - I’m not 100% sure if it does or not, but it makes my skin feel lovely and also it takes about ten seconds to do (see: lazy as fuck.)

Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb
This scent, you guys, this scent. It’s one of my favourite scents that Lush have done, and they do not have it in nearly enough products. You could make anything with this scent and I would buy it. I think the only other thing that comes with this scent is Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy, which I don’t actually have (though I’ll be purchasing a tub to try out after my Hair Custard runs out). The hair candy is actually supposed to be Jungle scented, but I don’t think it is - it smells much more like GotF to me. It’s not a sweet smell, and not one everyone will like, but it’s earthy and woody and really forest-y (hence the name, I suppose). It contains oak moss absolute, cypress oil, rosewood oil, and lime oil. The downside: it’s only available online or in the Oxford Street store (as far as I know) so you can’t just pick it up in your local shop for a sniff to see if you like it.

It’s also gorgeous in the bath, and you sparkle when you come out. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to being a fairy queen, TBH. 

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub
Please ignore that my lip scrub is very battered-looking. I keep it in my handbag and it gets knocked about quite a bit. I am a lip scrub addict, but never in my life have I managed to finish a tub. I don’t even know if I’ve ever gotten halfway, to be honest. This is because I go through them slowly anyway - and then Lush will release a new one every so often that I have to go and try and buy, so I end up using about five at once and never coming near to using up any of them.

At the minute, however, the Sugar Plum Fairy one (released for last Christmas) is my favourite. It tastes like Snow Fairy would taste if it were sugar and not, you know, a shower gel. Also the sugar is nice and fine and it works well at getting dead skin off your lips. Did I mention it’s delicious?

 Prince Charming shower cream
If I have one real weakness, it’s lovely-smelling shower gels and creams. Superman has kryptonite, I have a shower product collection. And I only let myself pick one to include on this list, otherwise it would be all shower products, and that wouldn’t be much use to anyone at all. Believe me, it was hard to pick, because there are just so many. But after going and having a sniff of the various bottles in my bathroom, I settled on Prince Charming. 

Prince Charming contains (amongst other things) marshmallow root, vanilla pod infusion, and pomegranate juice. It’s pretty sweet, and I seriously love the smell of it. It lathers up well, but I don’t find the scent lingers too much after, sadly. It’s another scent that’s only available through this product - no lotion or perfume or bath bomb that I know of has the Prince Charming scent. And after all that - it’s only available around Valentine’s Day, so you’re going to have to wait a while to get your hands on it. 

Honourable mentions:

Salt and Peppermint Bark
This is another thing that smells amazing - it’s got the same scent as Maypole soap, which is a lovely mint. And it’s great for exfoliation in the shower - but sadly only available at Halloween/Christmas time.

Sleepy body lotion
This came out over Christmas and Lush have now made it a permanent item! It’s a body lotion, which I don’t use very often, but it smells of Twilight, which is (if you’re unfamiliar with it) possibly the best lavender smell in the world. A good one to put on after a night time shower before bed to help you sleep. I normally sleep like a log, but on the rare night that I'm having trouble falling asleep, this does help. Cons: the sleep-inducing powers have become very well-known recently and it's nearly impossible to get hold of now.

Tender is the Night massage bar
I’ve had one of these forever, and I rarely use it because I keep forgetting I have it. I think the point of a massage bar is that you get someone else to give you a massage with it, but unfortunately I don’t have anyone willing to do that at the moment (though I am accepting applications 😉 ) . I suppose essentially it’s a solid body lotion? I pretty much just love the smell, it makes my skin feel nice, and I don’t see people talk about it nearly enough. It’s super underrated!

FUN (any variety)
Personally, I think FUN is kind of useless as soap and as a bubble bar, but damn is it good to shave with. Pinch a bit off, rub over body part you want to shave, shave. Boom, done. Also has the benefit of being solid so it doesn’t have to go in your liquids bag if you’re like me and too cheap to pay for checked baggage on your flights.

Smuggler’s Soul Shampoo
I love Lush’s solid shampoos. I have very fussy curly hair, but I find any shampoo I’ve tried (which has not been all, or even most, of them) have worked pretty well for me. But Smuggler’s Soul - which was a Father’s Day product that came out for the first time last year, and then again this year - made my hair lovely and soft and feel well-conditioned. (I did still use conditioner, though, because I do not trust my hair to behave, at all). It’s vanished from the shop again now, but hopefully it’ll be back next year.

And those are my favourite products from Lush! I'm a bit of an addict and I like trying new things, so I've love to hear what everyone else's favourite products are. Let me know what you can't live without!

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