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August Pink Parcel Review

I've been a subscriber of Pink Parcel for years now, on and off, and I figured it was time I finally did a post about one of their boxes.

I just checked my emails, and I've been a subscriber of Pink Parcel since 2014 - although not every month (it's one of the first things I sadly have to cut when money's a little tight!). It's also the only subscription box - apart from Graze - that I've regularly subscribed to. I flirted with Birchbox for a while, but eventually cancelled it as I never used the stuff in it.

Pink Parcel is a different story. What makes it different is that it's based around making your period better. Inside each box are some pads or tampons - you choose which from a selection of brands when you sign up - some beauty products, some tea, and something sweet to eat (which is my favourite part, NGL.)

How it works is that you sign up, pick your preferred pads/tampon brand, and then wait...

The box you get, and what it looks like when you first open it.
You get a little booklet explaining all the things in your box, a pile of offers/coupons, and your choice of  sanitary products.
I have to shout out here - PinkParcel was the reason I first tried the Always Infinity pads, and I seriously like them so much better than Always Ultra, which I was using before. Infinity is a little more expensive in supermarkets, but no matter what brand you choose in PinkParcel, they're all the same price (I think. I've never switched to any other brand to check). If you're not an Always fan, they also have Bodyform, and if you're a tampon person, there's a variety of Tampax, Kotex, and Lil-lets available. You can also choose a mixed box with both pads and tampons, but the only brands you get in that in Tampax Pearl and Always Ultra. As well as regular pads, you also get nighttime ones and some pantyliners.

And now to what we're all really here for:

I was so happy when I first opened this - because I immediately recognised the nail polish in the centre. It's literally my favourite nail polish of all time. It was on my toes when I opened the box! But my bottle is old and getting gloopy and hard to use, and I'd sort of resigned myself to spending like £13.50 to £15 for it in Debenhams.

So let's go through these.

The foody stuff - bigger than the other pictures because otherwise it's impossible to see.
Most months you get some chocolate, but during the summer there's a risk of that melting so you get sweets instead. I haven't tried any of these yet, but I'm looking forward to trying the Raspberry and White Choc crowns. They're little meringue bites, and I'm always on the lookout for low-cal sweet things!

There's also a different type of tea in every box. I drink some of them - I'm not a tea person really, and only ever of fruit and chamomile. It's a different type of tea every month though, which means I'm building up quite a variety to choose from on the rare occasions I want a cup.

This month also came with Phizz rehydration vitamins and minerals, which I also haven't tried yet. I am looking forward to trying them someday though, probably after the gym as that's the only time I think I'm ever dehydrated - I drink a lot of water. Seriously. So much water.

 Alrighty. Here on the left we have Baker Street by Nails Inc - AKA MY FAVE OF ALL TIME EVER. You could actually have been sent a few options, according to the little magazine. The other colours were Seven Dials or Queens Gardens. IDK what those colours actually are, I was too happy with Baker Street. I really like Nails Inc polishes in general. I find they're easy to apply. They chip after a few days on my nails, but literally every nail polish ever does, so compared to other polishes they seem to last. This made it onto my nails pretty much as soon as I opened the box and saw it.

Also in the box this month is SportFX Cool Down Primer and Recovery Gel, which I was also pretty happy to see. I've realised that after I go to the gym my face turns bright red and stays that way for ages, so anything that can reduce that is a winner in my book.

In the bottom right two pictures is a funny little razor I've never seen before. It's the Evoshave Handheld Razor, and is tiny. I haven't tried it either yet, but I think it'll be useful for travelling.

And last but not least:

On the left, there's Native Unearthed Coconut Balm. I'm not sure about this. I haven't used it yet either - I'm not risking a new deodorant when I have to go to work and sit next to other people all day! - and you sort of have to scoop it out with your fingers or a spatula, rub it between your fingers, and then apply it. Also, what isn't a big pot in the first place isn't even half full. Maybe a little goes a long way? Either way, I'm a bit skeptical about this. It does smell really nice, though. I'll give it that.

And finally, on the right, is a Vitamasque Fruit Slice Mask. Mine is orange, but kiwi was also available. It's apparently a re-energising face pad that you can use to soothe and hydrate the skin around your eyes, on your face and on your neck. I think this would be lovely to use on a hot day - unfortunately, I live in Northern Ireland and don't know what those are. I'm saving this in case the sun ever realises we exist, or for my next holiday somewhere warm.

Each Pink Parcel is £10.99, but you can get your first for £6.99, and if you've cancelled for a while occasionally they'll send you offers for boxes at a promotional price to resubscribe (this always works for me. Like, every time.) You might be wondering what time they send it out every month, as how do they make it coincide with everyone's period? The short answer is: they don't. You pick one of three delivery dates (the 10th, 20th, or 28th) and your parcel will arrive by that time every month. This does mean that if you've got a cycle that's particularly short or long you have to manually change your delivery date nearly every month (speaking from experience here), which is a little bit of a pain. However, when I first subscribed, they tried to send out boxes to coincide with your period, which means everybody would get their box at a different time - in theory. However, I found that often the boxes would be late or not arrive at all, so this system is better really.

So that's my first impressions of the August Pink Parcel! Do you subscribe? How do you find it compared to other beauty boxes? I'd love to hear other people's opinions!

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