Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Liebster Awards!

I was tagged by LT over at OneWeeBlether for the Liebster awards - thanks so much, and sorry it took me a little while to get round to doing it!

The Liebster Awards are a tag that promotes new bloggers with smaller followings - like me! 

The rules are:
•Answer the questions you were asked
•Tag 11 people who have under 200 twitter followers
•Create 11 new questions
•Recognize who tagged you!

My questions:

Dressing gown or housecoat?
I’m not really one for either - I’m a hoodie girl really! But out of the two, dressing gown!

What's your favourite country?
Aside from the one I’m from, it’s a pretty close tie between France and Italy. I lovelovelove Paris, but Italian food is the best. Don’t make me pick between them!

3. What's your favourite movie?
I don’t have one! I’m not the biggest movie person ever, generally I’d rather watch TV. But recently I watched The Little Prince as it’s one of my favourite books and I loved it.

4. Night in a with a movie or night out at the cinema?
Probably out at the cinema. It makes it more of an experience! If I’m at home I’ll rarely put on a film, I’d rather stick on some TV.

5. Your favorite song of all time?
This changes every so often, but right now it’s Badlands by Bruce Springsteen.

6. Do you plan everything or just do it spontaneously?
I’m like 95% planner, 5% spontaneous. I have a planner that I need to put everything in, it's seriously my life in a book and I couldn't go without it (I use the Passion Planner - someday I might do a post on how I get the most out of it)

7. Who (or what) inspired you to start blogging?
My best friend blogs and she inspired me to do it (mandatory shoutout: Sarah-Louise Writes)

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Career-wise, I’m hoping to still be working in my industry (TV production) and to be an AP.  Also, I’ll be 31 and I want to have visited 30 countries by the time I’m 30! This is a bit ambitious and mightn't happen though. And obviously I still want to be blogging!

9. If money was no object, what would you do?
This is the sort of thing I daydream about when I hear that ridiculous sums of money are going in the Euromillions (and then I never buy a ticket). Literally no object? I’d own a castle in France or on the Italian coast as a holiday home, and a nice house or flat in Belfast where I currently live. I’d still work, but be fussy about jobs and not worry about gaps between them. And I’d go on so. many. holidays. Like, every time I had a free few days, I'd be on a plane and off somewhere.

10. What's your 'go to' comfort food?
I always gravitate to chocolate if I’m stressed/PMSing. Apart from that, either pepperoni pizza or cheesy chips!

11. Your favourite colour?
Ooh, probably teal. 

I nominate:

Katie Williamson - @theburningwick -
Mag - @foreverbookblog -
Sharan - @SweetReflectUK -
Jenn - @CloudyMermaid -
SistersDaily - @DailySisters -
Demi Leah Clarkson - @Demsylicious -
Shonagh Scribbles - @SM_scribbles -
Zara - @MissZaraBelle -
Illustrating Happiness - @IllustHappy -
Georgina Bradley - @GeorgieBradleyy -
Aria - @notesonthursday -

My questions:
1- Why did you start blogging?
2- What’s your favourite book?
3- Aside from blogging, what other hobbies do you have?
4- If you could go anywhere on holiday, where would it be?
5- When you were small, what did you want to be when you grew up?
6- Are you a dog person or a cat person?
7- What’s your favourite thing to watch on TV?
8- Do you have something you want to achieve soon? What is it?
9- What are you proudest of?
10- Do you have a favourite quote?
11- What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

Thank you again to OneWeeBlether for nominating me! I had such a fun time doing this, and in following other people's posts, have discovered so many awesome new blogs for me to follow <3.

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