Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Food Hall Launch!

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of The Food Hall with OhhSocial last Thursday. I had such a great time - and got to try so much adorable and delicious food!

I went with Sarah-Louise from Sarah-Louise Writes and it took us a minute to find the Food Hall, because we didn’t realise that it was inside the university building at first. That’s not to say it’s difficult to find - just that we’re a bit clueless! 

Inside there’s four different areas - Juiced (which does juices and smoothies), Made (which does sandwiches/salads/wraps/etc), La Creperie (which does crepes... obviously), and Ripple (which does ice cream). I sampled the 'Sunset Fruit' smoothie and loved it, but I will pretty much devour anything with raspberries in  to be honest. Case in point: I tried the raspberry and white chocolate ice cream, and it had actual raspberries in it. Not just raspberry flavouring. And it was also delicious. Also worth trying: the mint chocolate milkshake. I inhaled mine in about three seconds. It was divine

Literally the most delicious milkshake. Dammit, I want a milkshake now.

Sadly we didn’t get to try the crepes, as there was a pretty long queue and we had to leave a bit before eight, but they looked amazing. You could have either sweet or savoury and they must have been delicious, judging by the amount of people enthusiastically tucking in.

Some of the food available. Notice the rainbow and unicorn cupcake cones in the bottom right corner. #cupcakegoals
The staff were all lovely and helpful - particularly the lady in Juiced, who really seemed to know her stuff. Music during the evening was provided by Paul Loughran (who I forgot to take a photo of), but he was very good.

I’ve now got OhhSocial on my phone and I was delighted to see that they have great offers available - pretty much everything is buy one get one free if you use the app. If you don’t have it, there’s also a discount offered if you’re a current UU student (sadly I can’t avail of this - I graduated in 2013!).

Sadly the Food Hall is slightly out of my way for lunch (I work on the other side of the city centre, and tend to eat by myself at my desk or in the work canteen with my coworkers), but I intend on dragging my friends or my Mum up for a crepe or milkshake when I can. 

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