Thursday, 18 May 2017

Why We Still Need Feminism: A Rant

I wasn't going to get political on this blog. I was aiming for lifestyle and travel posts, dammit. This is not the post I was going to write next. The post I was going to write next was going to be about my diet, or a whats-in-my-bag post. Then I sat down last night to watch TV, and it made me angry. So ranty post incoming.

TW: Discussion of sexual abuse, rape, and domestic violence. 

Image: BBC. Three Girls: Ruby (Liv Hill), Holly (Molly Windsor), and Amber (Ria Zmitrowicz)

I watched the first episode of Three Girls on Tuesday evening  on BBC1 and was hynotised. It’s one thing about hearing about the Rochdale (amongst other places) grooming gangs in the news, but it’s another thing to actually sit and watch rape scenes and police interviews in which the victim is slut-shamed. My housemate heard me make angry noises at the screen.

The second episode was less harrowing - in that there were no rape scenes. But we’ve moved from how the girls were abused to how they were failed by the police, to the beginning of the ‘real’ investigation and eventual arrest of the abusers. The last episode will air this evening, and be (presumably) about the trial of the men, and how the girls deal with that.

The anger-inducing thing about the programme is how the girls were treated. They weren’t believed, because they weren’t the ‘correct’ type of victims. If you can, watch it. It's harrowing viewing, but it's a story that needs to be shouted from the rooftops, because it happened, and is still happening, all over the UK. If this raises awareness, if it makes some parents look at their children and wonder where they go off to and if they've been acting differently, it will have fulfilled its purpose.

So, after the cheeriness that was Three Girls: the news.

Donald Trump. Ugh. It’s like a soap opera. I feel sorry for political journalists - it must be impossible to keep up. And you can’t tell me his election had nothing to do with misogyny. If it had been a man with all the same scandals as Hilary, sure, he mightn’t be popular, but he would not have gotten half of the criticism she did.

 I once met someone, not long before the 2016 US election, who told me she thought both candidates were as bad as each other and she was going to write her own name onto the ballot paper. I wonder if she still thinks that, and if she regrets her vote. 

And on the local news: recently in Northern Ireland a woman was murdered by her ex, who then killed himself. She was less than 24 hours away from getting a restraining order. She had a minder staying with her at night because she was afraid he’d kill her. She was right to be afraid, and now she’s dead, and the bastard attacked her son, who has learning disabilities, as well. 

So that was my cheery night of television, and it sort of prompted this angry-feminist post. So if people ever ask you: why do we need feminism, point out:
  • There are still sexual abuse victims who aren’t believed, because they’re working class or known as troublemakers or have had sex before.
  • Hilary Clinton - literally the most qualified person on the planet to be US President - lost to Donald Fucking Trump.
  • And women are still dying from domestic abuse, even after escaping the relationship and reporting it to the authorities.
Image: BBC. Maxine Peake as Sara Rowbotham and Leslie Sharpe as Maggie Oliver

On a less-bleak note, I noticed that the two most capable adults in Three Girls, the two who worked the hardest to get these girls’ stories told and get them justice, are both women. So shoutouts to Sara Rowbotham (played by Maxine Peake) and DC Maggie Oliver (played by Leslie Sharpe) - they deserve awards of some sort.

I’ll be watching the finale of Three Girls tonight on BBC1, as should you, if you can, and the meantime, I’m going to watch #Girlboss. 


  1. You are right on with this post. It astonishes me to watch the same people who dragged out those ridiculous Benghazi hearings and inquiries turn around and act as though Trump's done nothing wrong. The misogyny is so blatant. Ughhhh.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, the hypocrisy drives me absolutely mad!


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